Center for oil recovery

COREC, Center of Oil Recovery, was initiated by ConocoPhillips,  IRIS and the University of Stavanger in 2003. The overall goal was to increase the oil recovery and the national improved oil recovery competence through extensive research, competence building and education of new students.  COREC contributes in building Norway’s fifth University, the University of Stavanger.​

The scope of the center is broad and encompasses methods for enhanced oil recovery in general, including multiphase flow, gas and liquid injection, reservoir description and numerical modeling.​

The research projects within COREC have released both public funding and funding from other oil companies. The public funding constitutes one third of the total COREC funding of 148 million NOK in the period 2003 - 2014. The research results from COREC has contributed to its world-leading high recovery from the Ekofisk chalk field.​

In 2011, COREC received the IOR-prize from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, NPD, as recognition of the demanding and continuous research effort to improve the oil recovery, especially in chalk fields.​

By the end of 2016, COREC has produced a large number of publications and PhD/MSc thesis, sponsored 7 PhD / Postdoc positions and Professor / Professor II positions at UiS.​