Improved Oil Recovery

Seawater is injected in many oil fields to improve oil recovery; the injected water will maintain the reservoir pressure and also displace oil. Water injection is one of many technologies to increase oil production. 

Massive water and gas injection, good reservoir description and drilling of more wells than expected combined with on average good reservoir quality are the main reasons for the high average recovery factor we see at the Norwegian Continental Shelf. However, more than 50 per cent of the original in place resources will be left in the fields according to present approved plans.

To produce even more oil form the producing oil fields huge efforts are taken in the oil companies, the service companies, the authorities and the research community. Research and technology development are key factors to push new ways to produce the remaining oil.

In order to optimize existing technologies like seawater injection many promising techniques are suggested and tested. Techniques like altering the sea water composition, adding chemicals, adding bacteria or alternate with gas injection. To see results of this applied offshore a close cooperation between the research community, the service and oil companies is necessary.